Opportunity to Become a Fluent Writer

In this life, you're often told to do what you are passionate about. Steve Jobs used this expression, most business advice books, and certainly business advice blogs never shut up about it. So when I started Fluent, you betcha it was because I loved languages and I was (and still am) extremely passionate about motivating people to look beyond their limits and become confident, dedicated language learners.

Now for the announcement

Fluent Language Tuition is in a transition time. Here's where I am at: Like so many hard working people who set their goals very high before me, I need to find friends for my adventures. This journey is great, but I have to strive for a healthy work-life balance.

Over the coming months, I'll be dialling my blog post frequency down, and taking some time off. If I go travelling, look out for a postcard! At the moment, Fluent's blog and newsletter are 100% free! and the way for the Fluent blog and its archive to stay online in future will be to recruit more bloggers and advertisers. So I'm looking for an experienced writer who can join the team. If you're interested in committing to Fluent and blogging on here regularly, get in touch with me by email. We need fellow tutors or enthusiastic learners, even school teachers. You need to bring the writing skill and the language passion, no matter which language you're learning or what you'd like to achieve at the end of the journey.

As I went through the many stages and incarnations of finding new wonderful language students, and teaching them, I found that sharing my passion for languages was tremendous fun. And from that, I realised that I want to make it crystal clear how Fluent is different. I have written a Mission Statement, from the heart and hopefully there for you to know what this blog is about.

Sprachen - Langues - Languages - Idiomas - my 1st love

I love languages. They were my first love, from English to Latin. I could spend hours learning a lot of foreign words and experiencing the joy of fitting them all together - especially trying them out on other people! This blog is built on a passion for sharing the love of languages, and a belief that we all would be so much happier if we spoke more of each other's languages.

That's the core of Fluent. No instructions and hacks, rather motivation, truth and ideas. Fluent aims to help you find that motivation and energy to get started and keep going in language learning. (You can find a small bit of instruction in my book.)

I hope this is a blog where my readers can find words from people who enjoy learning and teaching languages.