A Friday Treat

Today is quite an eventful day! Lots of things are happening out here in Fluent-land so I feel that it is time for a Friday kind of post. One to sit back and think about good things. So let's get started. But this is a language learning blog after all, so watch out for some Ostereier (Easter Eggs) - German language vocabulary hints for you.

1) International Women's Day

Today is 8 March, the International Women's Day. This is a day dedicated to the achievements and contributions of women to the world. It's important to wissen (know) that the day is both a celebration and a reminder.

You can read about it auf Deutsch at the Goethe-Institut or en français at the UN.

2) New Fluent Website Store

I've joined the guild of Händler (traders) today and opened up the Fluent Language Store. Tell you what, this is a very exciting development for the blog. Please do click and have a look at it. I want to specialise in finding the greatest independent Sprachlernmaterialien (language learning materials) - hand selected, personally tested and proven to work!

We are starting off with one of my favourite series for language learners to start out with: 10 Minutes a Day, the series of books which is written in a fun and approachable way - and it features stickers.



3) d is for Deutsch

Eine Freundin von mir (one of my friends), Ruth (the Russian learner), has recently started her beautiful art website Blue Eggs and Tea. She is a talented artist, and today she surprised me with this supersüßem (super cute) drawing. Something to enjoy for the end of the week!