Language Book Club: A One-Day Sale and Event with Language Authors

Have you put tomorrow's date (Jan 30) in your diary? The whole day will be filled with fun and learning, giveaways and special deals during Language Book Club, our Facebook event.


Here are All Discounted Books

 Just a few of our discounted books on the day..

Just a few of our discounted books on the day..

The following books will drop their prices for one day only. (Note I can't guarantee this and am informing you based on their promise, so no, you can't sue me if there's no deal to be found. I can promise you that my deal goes ahead.)

This is my own guide to acquiring vocabulary and never forgetting it, and I'm making it FREE for the day. Look out for my bonus deal at 11am GMT in the Facebook event.

You know about Anthony Metivier from my review of his language learning course here on Fluent. He's obsessed with memorizing things! If you want to build memory palaces and learn how to get great at remembering words, Anthony can help.

Benny Lewis's book takes the message from his blog and makes it even more accessible for anyone: Language learning is possible. You don't need money or years, you can get started straight away.

Russian Step By Step means textbooks written by really passionate teachers. I've had the pleasure of working with Natasha and Anna, the ladies behind this fab series recently, and can't recommend their commitment to Russian teaching enough. They teach what normal people need to know - not scholars.

In this book, Ben writes about attitudes and methods for successful French learning. It's a quick and simple read and will help any French learner over the common road blocks.

This is a whopper! Jared and Diana from Speaking Latino are offering 12 books as a huge bundle helping you discover Spanish from Argentinia, Chile, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. Have I missed one?

Pick up this book by Olly Richards to discover more about why you keep forgetting foreign language vocabulary, and how to be better at it.

For independent learners and teaching parents alike, this book provides a solid foundation to language learning. It focuses not on courses, but stories - the fun way to get unblocked!

This is a novel set in Northern England, and written both for English and Chinese learners. Aidan O'Rourke has crafted a captivating story.

And Here is the Much Anticipated Schedule

Get your questions ready, join our Facebook group and event, and tomorrow you will be able to live chat with all of the following authors. All these times are in GMT.

10:00 Benny Lewis

11:00 Kerstin Hammes

12:00 Olly Richards

13:00 Benjamin Houy

14:00 Speaking Latino (Jared Romey)

15:00 Anthony Metivier

17:00 Chris Broholm

18:00 Kid World Citizen (Becky Morales)

19:00 Mystery Guest (tbc)

20:00 Aidan O'Rourke

Support the Organisers

By now, you've probably become aware that we're not just holding the event to make money. There are so many discounts and so much organisation involved in these kinds of events that I simply have to take a second and ask you guys if you could possibly spare $1 to support us?

If your answer is yes, then here are a few ways to do it:

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See you guys tomorrow!