Call for your comments about Online Flashcards

Do you use online flash cards for your language learning?

Oliver Antosch certainly does! He decided to learn Mandarin Chinese for his wife and started studying with electronic flashcards. After much success with the method, the two of them decided to create an online platform for language learners, to help them study languages with online flashcards (available in 12 languages including German, Spanish, Chinese and many more. There's even Russian, which pleased me personally - especially after I'm currently missing out on the rather excellent Yabla as a tool for my self-taught adventures. Oliver is proud that his system involves a loop function, audio cards, full sentences and a text analyser.

This all sounds fantastic, but right now I am not an active user of online flashcards, so I want you Fluent readers to give him a grilling. Just comment or email me ( with your own story and tell me what flashcards do for you.

Tell Fluent about this:

  • Which languages are you studying or teaching right now?
  • How do you learn new vocabulary?
  • Where do you make notes of new vocabulary?
  • Do you prefer online learning or offline learning?
  • How do you know you've remembered a word?
  • How could we put an online flash card to good use?

Oliver has agreed to answer all questions from language learners and tutors, so let's make the most of this opportunity. I want to collect at least 10 questions that we can ask Oliver - make it as critical or supportive as you want, and your question will appear on the Fluent Language blog.

How you can submit your comment

  1. Easy - just comment on this blog post and answer a few of the questions above

  2. Send me an email to

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I will answer every single comment, as I always do for all readers.