On Doing Things When Your Fear Says "DON'T"!

Hi everyone, I just have a quick announcement about my blog today. But first, let me tell you what I did this morning! I took part in the Lancaster University Charity Abseil from the highest building on campus, 13 storey Bowland Tower. I saw the advert for this a few weeks ago and got excited right away. Abseiling is cool, right? Before I knew it, I'd asked my other half to sign me up and done that before I could even think about what this really means. Well, today was the day and I can't even express what it does mean.

We got kitted out with a safety harness and helmet at the bottom, took the lift up and ascended the roof. The views are amazing up on the tower, all over the green fields around Lancaster. But I had no eyes for that, I was too busy shaking and looking for something to hold on to. You see, I'm not absolutely terrified of heights, but I'm not really comfortable either. And to hang from the side of a building by a rope, lowering myself down? No thank you! As the group of brave volunteers before me took their turns, I couldn't believe how happy they all looked. By the time the kind safety guide attached my carabiner, I was in tears. I could not believe why on earth I had ever thought this was a good idea.

 img ©Catherine Pacey

img ©Catherine Pacey

Eventually You Have to Commit

They were patient and kind to me up there, they let me take my time and watch other people lean over the edge and slowly descend. My guide's words were the perfect help: "You can take a minute to gather your courage. You can take a breath. But eventually, you have to stand over the edge and lean back and just do it. It gets easier after you've committed to the drop." I can't believe how true his words were. It does get easier once you commit! I did do this somehow, by the way. There are photos of me dangling - the following one is just for you, with photo credits to Catherine Pacey.

I really did hate this adventure as much as I loved it, and I was so emotional. At the bottom I fell to the floor, shook and cried. Maybe not elegant, but hey - I overcame a fear today and I did it!

What is the scariest thing you've done recently? I'd love to hear your answers in the comments below. Was it worthwhile? Would you do it again?

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