Upgrade Fluency Made Achievable on your iPad or Mac

If you are a regular Fluent reader, you'll already know that I have published two language learning guides so far. They're called Fluency Made Achievable and The Vocab Cookbook, and both have been for sale exclusively on Kindle this year.


Well guys, it's time to break free and announce the launch of my new iBooks version of Fluency Made Achievable. Over the past weeks I decided to work on creating this special edition of the book, and it's now been approved for sale on the iBooks store.

Why is this cool?

This is not just an ebook you can't do anything with. While every language guide I write is designed to make you take action and start changing small steps in your routines, the new iBooks version delivers more of that than ever. The work on this new version included several optimisations to make it the best possible FMA you've ever seen on the iPad or Mac.

An clear, easy and very helpful read that was well worth the money for me. (Eleni Gotsis on Amazon)

The book is already very popular over on Amazon.com, with 4- and 5-star reviews all round. And here are the most important reasons to get the iBooks edition of this book if you're reading on an iPad or Mac:

  • The navigation and table of contents have been optimised so you can jump between chapters and points and find the right parts straight away. There is not a single reference to a page number, everything works as it should in an ebook.
  • It's produced for the iBooks reader, which makes it way prettier than a Kindle version.
  • The links are clickable so you can switch between reading and researching like a real 21st century book master.
  • You can now buy this in 51 different countries!
  • The book contains multimedia enhancements in the form of embedded video and brand new audio interviews.

Why can't I find this on my iPhone?

The iBooks edition of FMA contains added media enhancements and sadly this seems to mean Apple won't let you buy it on your phone. You're not missing out though, just whip out your Mac/iPad or get the classic Kindle version.

No special offers?

As you know, I run the odd promotion for my books but want to make sure I don't add to anyone's "digital junk" pile. The iBooks store will let me distribute promo codes soon, but not until I've jumped through a few tax hoops (like telling them that I don't live in Japan...in writing...in duplicate) so until then I have just made the price affordable for everyone.

Sounds awesome, how do I find iBooks please?

If you are on an iPad or Mac, simply open your app browser and type in "ibooks". You already have the iBooks store on there as it comes with your device. Then all you need to do is this:

1. Search for my name

ibooks store

2. Find Fluency Made Achievable

3. Enjoy!

 Pretty! Optimized for your Mac or iPad. And ever so helpful :)

Pretty! Optimized for your Mac or iPad. And ever so helpful :)

Anything else you should know?

I'm very happy to be offering this new version of my book in iBooks, and behind the scenes you should also look out for the Fluent Box Set, which is coming back in the summer.

I have considered writing a new language learning guide or a little travel guide for German learners, so if you're excited about what I could write next why not comment here and tell me what you'd like to see? I'm curious about your suggestions.

As always, thanks so much for reading and checking in with the Fluent blog.