French Collection: Great websites for French beginners

oday, I completed the final lesson of my French Taster Course at Waterstones book shop in Lancaster. What a beautiful shop - two floors of wooden shelves and interesting books, and lots of nooks and armchairs to get lost in a book. My students were great - a really smart and friendly group, and I think we had some nice afternoons.

And dear ladies: I have collected some links and resources, so you don't forget everything straight away. Here we go:

  • Web Pages: The French Tutorial
    A no-nonsense online tutorial covering all the basics of French grammar. The chapter structure and mini quizzes are particularly useful.


  • Interactive: Prémière Classe
    TV5Monde is a French television channel, and its website offers this great beginners series called Prémière Classe. The page contains interactive sections and videos to practice with and you can choose your menu language too.
  • Course: French Grammar for Beginners
    If the way your tutor explained things to you made sense this far, why not get her on your screen whenever you need a reminder? That's right, I'm available as a course! French Grammar for Beginners is my award-nominated series of French tutorial videos. Guest starring Abi the cat.
  • Podcast: L'affaire du Coffret
    This is a little podcast, free and well-written, with an engaging storyline. I found myself wanting to follow it along. The French audio is original and great for practice and it's narrated by a Brit in Paris.
  • log: Frenchcrazy
    John from America is crazy about French and he has set up this blog about the language, with great contributions like translated songs, vocab lists and experiences in France.
  • Tool: Bon Patron
    Bon Patron is your French autocorrect tool. If you want to practice your writing skills, type some sentences in there and it will help you with any spelling or grammar errors it can find. Sounds perfect.
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And I've got more!

Check out all the resources above, and of course big momma BBC first of all. They are great! But they're not the only ones out there and I've got an ever-growing collection of resources available on my Pinterest board "Learning French".