French for Beginners: The Partitif

Hello online French learners! Welcome back to the new French on a Windowsill lesson. This time, I've taken the "partitif" and explained it for you. Don't worry - I didn't know it was called that either. In simple words, learning the partitif will teach you how to use de (of).

Watch the Video first

So, just to recap:

There are two types of uses of "de".

  1. After a quantifier - then it's just "de"

    Examples of Quantifiers can be: un kilo, deux pots, 100 grammes, assez, beaucoup, peu...anything that gives you an indication of how much you have.

  2. Without a quantifier - then it changes and becomes a contracted article

Use this Printable Sheet for your notes


Hope you enjoyed today's lesson again, and let me have your thoughts guys. I always look forward to hearing from you!