German season on the BBC

Hello Brits and anyone who has access to the BBC's powerful iPlayer, it's time to put on a pot of filter coffee and sit down with a packet of Salzstangen as the big British broadcaster has decided to put attention on Germany.

This is all a far cry from "Don't mention the war".

There's something for everyone, with the following programme highlights staying on iPlayer at least for the next week:

Das Auto: Germans and their cars

I read a little bit about this show on the British car fan forums, and if you're a stern British patriot maybe watch with the advisory that the show focuses on finding out what German manufacturing does right, and by contrast where British manufacturing went wrong. It's high up on my catch-up list, especially because the programme will give us retro adverts PLUS German post-war history. Both are never to be missed. 

iPlayer link

Rick Stein's German bite

Rick Stein is a British TV chef roaming around various bits of Germany in his 70s VW campervan, on the Autobahn, listening to Kraftwerk. For me as a vegetarian, the insights into German food weren't that much to look at, but it's really worth your while if you want to get an impression of Hamburg, Düsseldorf ("Look how they're all drinking in the daytime, and they still look civilised", exclaims Stein's son) and the Rhineland. Rick also touches on the joint histories of Britain and Germany, from Germans fleeing their country before the 1st world war and being discriminated against in England, to the Beatles growing up in Hamburg.

iPlayer link

Make me a German

I'm excited for this one, what does it mean, I'm a German becoming half-British, what am I missing out on? Let's get set for an hour of work ethic and efficiency TV showing Europe what the Germans do right these days.

Link to the show site

 Last chance to take my survey - it closes this weekend!

Last chance to take my survey - it closes this weekend!

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