German Vocabulary Topic: Umweltschutz (environmental protection)

Today's post is based on content that I cover with a bunch of friendly people in my German class, and I hope that you'll enjoy it too.

German Study Club

Successful language learning is impossible without a chance to practice, and I know that this can be tough for self-taught folks. So for a while, I hosted regular drop-in classes for German learners here in friendly Lancaster, UK.

Each meeting was based around a general theme and everyone is (gently) encouraged to contribute in German. Here are some vocabulary references for this month's topic.

 Great image by  Henry Mühlpfort  on Flickr

Great image by Henry Mühlpfort on Flickr

Umweltschutz (environmental protection) resources

Environmental protection has been a major topic for many Germans for many years - many Germans do vote for the green party, we all love a nice jute bag and recycling has been around for over 20 years. But do you know your blue angel from your green dot?

  1. The BBC provides some great GCSE revision materials with an easy listening text on this topic. Start here and work your way through the unit.

  2. Secondly, my favourite coursebook Menschen has a very nice interview with relevant vocab and exercises around travelling and protecting the environment at the same time. Start here if your level is around A1/A2.

  3. The Grüße aus Deutschland Podcast is a fantastic learning tool for German learners who want to listen and practice the language on the go and for free. And don't we all want that! They provide episodes on a whole range of topics and support subscriptions via itunes, but on this particular topic the Umwelt podcasts are what we are after.

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