How to Flirt in German (Plus: A bit of German Romance)

german flirting

In celebration of Valentine's Day, Fluent is in love today and I want to teach you some fun little expressions to tell your loved one. German is not often considered a romantic language, so you may find it surprising that Germany actually had a whole romantic period in history! As a country of castles, hills and walkers this was a great time for poetry and passionate writing. You can check out more about them in Caspar David Friedrich's paintings and love letters from Goethe, a beloved German writer. You might have heard of Goethe? He wrote Faust and came out with some excellent one liners - a bit like a German Shakespeare.

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Set the scene for a German romance and get to know some useful expressions. I'm pretty loved up this year, so for me these three words will never get old.

3 Ways to Say "I Love You" in German


1) Ich liebe dich

A classic - with these three words you won't put a foot wrong.

2) Dein ist mein ganzes Herz

No matter if you are romancing a woman or a man, this wonderful line is guaranteed to stir up happy emotions - My Whole Heart is Yours should be said over the soundtrack of this Youtube clip so that you know you'll definitely score the full romance points.

3) Ich möchte für immer bei dir sein

"I want to be with your forever." Ahh, that's the start of a great proposal..<3

3 Loving Nicknames to call your partner in German

1) Mein Schatz (My treasure)

2) Mein Schneckchen (My little snail!)

3) Meine Herzallerliebste/Mein Herzallerliebster (My heart's favourite - adapt for feminine or masculine)

And if you're currently on the lookout for a new date, there is something I can do to help you. Try these:

The Top 3 German Conversation Starters (for Singles)

1) Ich spreche normalerweise keine Frauen/Männer an, aber..

The greatest way of humbling yourself and bringing in a compliment at the same time is to say "I would never do this, but for YOU it's a different story." Complimenting the person should come next, for example "du siehst so nett aus!".

2) Komm, wir brennen zusammen durch!

For the adventurous among you, this call for your love to run away with you could bring up romantic images of freedom, open road and romance. Perfect for suggesting a wild the park.

3) Hi, sag mal, was hältst du denn vom Essen/Design/Kaffee hier?

Asking the other person's opinion is guaranteed to get you a response, and also some natural German language practice!

If you're looking for a few more flirt starters auf Deutsch, try these for a bit of inspiration: 

Wie flirtet man richtig? auf (yes, that's a real website and it's aimed at men, creatively)

Books by Stefan C. Strecker, a German "master of seduction" - hilarious!

No matter where you are or if you're single or in love, I wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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