Infographic: How and where do you learn best?

Allied Schools has recently created this fab Infographic revealing information about the study habits of online learners. We get to find out what time is best for them, and what essentials they couldn't do without. Do you recognise yourself in these groups?

68% of respondents study outside the home

The main motivator is to avoid distraction, so today's online students go out looking for peaceful environments. And 23.2% even report that it's easier to concentrate outside the home! Are they among the large group of people that finds it's easier to work surrounded by the gentle buzz of your favourite coffeeshop?

Powered by snacks and coffee

In addition to peace and quiet, respondents to this survey reported that they love to feed the brain - with snacks and coffee! A good cup of tea or coffee can keep you going, but let's hope the snacks don't backfire and ruin dinner!

Online is flexible

Online learners treasure the fact that it means they can study anywhere - it's important to 72%. No wonder, seeing as nearly half of online learners are doing this in addition to full-time employment!

The study location of dreams

I loved reading about people's dream study locations. So many people value nature and quiet. For me, it's the same - sitting in a beautiful, quiet garden on a sunny day....the dream! So if YOU could pick anywhere for your learning, fictional or nonfictional, where would you go?