Go Language Mad on Instagram this Month (Plus: I'm Married!)

Before I launch into the blog article today, I want to take just a minute to tell you guys that I just got married! The speeches were bilingual, my parents even spoke a language each. Marrying someone from another country while living in another country is a wonderful proof of what Fluent is all about: open-mindedness, curiosity and a desire to discover the world. I hope you share those sentiments with me.

A tweet to share the happy occasion

I have officially changed my name to Kerstin Cable, by the way, but will still answer to Hammes everywhere on the language learning internet :)

And now for something completely different: #iglc

Let's get back to being fanatic about languages. Today I am proud to announce that Lindsay Dow invited me to curate the June 2015 prompts for the Instagram Language Challenge. They're all summer themed and I can't wait to see the happy sunshine images from you guys from all over the world. I have also raised the game and brought in video challenges, which are new to all participants.

Save this image to your phone or print it out.

Here's how it works:

1. Get yourself onto Instagram

The Instagram app is available for smartphones.

2. Every day, use the word on the prompt sheet as your inspiration

Post something in your target language or in any foreign language. It doesn't have to be an exact picture of the prompt, be creative and tell us your new words or your target language description. On the video challenge days, go ahead and record a video so you will speak even more!

3. Tag every image with #iglc

This is how other Instagram Language Challenge participants will find you and see your pictures, comment, get to know you.

If you would like some inspiration, look at how everyone has been using the #iglc hashtag so far.

Oh yes, and if you’re after some inspiration, check my profile or Kerstin’s profile to see what we’ve done for past IGLC prompts.

Are you participating in the #iglc? Comment here and let me know how you like the prompts.