Jamie Oliver: Secret Cantonese Speaker

Hi everyone, just a really quick blog post today to share with you the adorable Cantonese skills of a very English chef: Jamie Oliver!

Mr Oliver is preparing for World Domination. If you don't know this guy, a quick summary of Jamie Oliver would be "laid-back British chef, extremely enterprising and loves to portray himself as a geezer". Geezer is a regional word from Southern England, meaning "dude". Jamie is a dude.

Jamie is now opening a restaurant in Hong Kong, and decided to speak some Cantonese to promote it. See how he did:

Lessons to be learnt from this?

  • Your Business Should Export
  • Speaking Another Language Helps You In Business
  • Speaking Another Language Should Be Fun
  • Everyone loved that he tried, and no one minded his mistakes

Take a lesson from Jamie Oliver there, and not even a cooking one. This is a person who goes out and just tries. More, please!

I want to know what you think: Who are your favourite famous language speakers? Have you ever tried to open an Italian submarine in Hong Kong?