Lancaster based Russian Taster Course

Are you ready for Russian?

Хорошо! I'm really pleased to help promote a new four week Russian Taster Course in Lancaster City Centre. Hope you can make it!

The course will be delivered by language teacher Masha Golubeva. Masha is not only a talented artist and lovely lady, but also an experienced Russian teacher. So you are in extremely good hands!

The four week taster will include

  • Introduction to the Cyrillic alphabet
  • Fun facts about Russia and the Russian people
  • Introducing yourself in Russian
  • Useful words for getting by in Russia
  • Tea and Biscuits!

The course will also be followed by a full beginners class in January to join the great suite of French, German and English classes on offer at Fluent Language Tuition.

You can register by email to or by calling Masha on 07432 628475.

£20 for the course includes tea and biscuits from Russia!