Introducing First Results and Happy Readers

In the journey of creating something individual and unique, sometimes we can't see the wood for the trees. For me, the most recent months have at times felt like this. I wrote The Vocab Cookbook and reviewed and updated all of Fluency Made Achievable, created the resources for the online Combo pack and so much more.

After the first month of my books being published, I'm excited to let you know that I have counted over 50 happy readers already. And here is PROOF that people are making real progress.

The new readers have been:

  • Trying out exciting memorization techniques like memory palaces - just check out Richard Gilzean's story, for example
  • Organising their learning routines better through the Three Week Plan in Fluency Made Achievable
  • Testing their own core skills profiles
  • Inspired to make their own vocab learning recipes inspired by my interview with Oli Antosch in The Vocab Cookbook
  • Started a whole new Flashcard library - on paper, not on Anki!

You Can Try Before You Buy

I am over the moon today and so proud to be giving you an exclusive first ever sample of the official Fluency Made Achievable AUDIOBOOK! The intro and conclusion are read in my own voice, with the bulk of the book coming to you read by a fabulous voice artist (another Kirsten!) hand selected by me.

Here is a round-up of where you can get yourself a copy of the new Fluent guides.


language learning books

I am selling the best packages on my own website, featuring three file formats for all e-readers as well as worksheets and bonuses. Read them on your iPad, Kindle, Nook, kobo or desktop screen. There is a format for each one.

The UK Store has Fluency Made Achievable* and The Vocab Cookbook*.

The US Store has Fluency Made Achievable and The Vocab Cookbook.

If you're located somewhere else, simply search your amazon store for "Kerstin Hammes".

On Audible

Yes indeed, Fluency Made Achievable is now available on Audible, a great marketplace for audiobooks for any kinds of readers. I'm right next to Michel Thomas!

New subscribers to Audible can even listen to the full audiobook for free as part of their free trial.

First Book Reviews:

I am reading your book and loving it, loving it! You’re the only one I’ve read that discussions the four core skills, offers assessments and a plan! (Judi Martindale)

I have devoured your books and I really enjoyed them. (Marco Nieri)

You can read lots more reviews on Amazon too! Have you checked the books out yet?

*these links are affiliate links which help me keep going