Language Linkfest: March 2015

I'm so excited about springtime this year. It kicked off a lot of productivity here at camp Fluent, with the addition of my first product for online teachers AND a Udemy course full of online teaching tricks. So in other words, Fluent is truly expanding to serve both you language learners and the language teachers right now. My own experience as a 1-to-1 language tutor over the past few years has taught me lots about technology, marketing styles and how to support learners. I'm excited to share it with you.

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Best of Fluent

The Creative Language Learning Podcast is going from strength to strength right now. I've just secured a bit of support from the first sponsor. So with their help and with yours (did you know I'm on Patreon?), I can continue working on bringing you better quality and more shows.

New on the Fluent blog:

And this was my most discussed article in March:

Best Language Learning Articles around the Web

That's it for Language Linkfest in March 2015, I hope you have all had a wonderful and successful month no matter where you are, and that you enjoy taking a little bit of time to click your way through what's on offer above.

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