Language Linkfest: November 2014

Okay, I feel like the last language linkfest (that was Halloween) was only about yesterday. This month has flown by even faster than usual. Big shout out to all the ambitous online teachers who have decided to start going PRO by signing up for my new course Not Just Another Teacher. The days have become rather dark now, so in the November edition of linkfest my recommended drink of choice is a nice cup of Glühwein.

Best of Fluent in November

The Most Important Sentence I Learnt In Two Years of Language Teaching

Podcast interviews with Benny Lewis and online course master Breanne Dyck

Language Learning Around the Web

How to Learn a New Language - Tips from TED Talk Translators - a great little summary of what just works in language learning (thanks Fabrice Poirette for showing me this article)

English only in Lidl - A thought from Simon at Omniglot about the languages spoken in British supermarkets

Quick review of my book Fluency Made Achievable over on French Together

Why Germans are actually REALLY funny, once you speak German

Tips and Tools

Free English pronunciation course LinkedEnglish over on Udemy

Wordkiwi, a new dictionary website - in case you've not got a favourite yet, this one might do it for you? My favourite is probably for ever Leo

SharedTalk, a language exchange network