My Authentic Philosophy Behind The New Fluent Guides

If you have been following my little blog for over half a year, then this picture will look familiar to you:

I wrote the little book Fluency Made Achievable in 2013, motivated by a desire to show everyone that "Language Hacking" is not the only way to succeed. Why shouldn't we ENJOY our study?

Fluency Made Achievable was published on Kindle, PDF and even came out in print, but all along I wasn't 100% confident in selling it yet. I wanted to serve you guys a lot better - and then I took the decision to work on just that.

announcing fluent language guides.jpg

You guys know that I recognise the frustrations and learning obstacles you experience when trying to teach yourselves a new language, and why, all too often, people just give up. If you have previously read my first book, Fluency Made Achievable, you will know how I endeavour to show you how to overcome such obstacles, simply and effectively. 
So here's what is happening:
Fluency Made Achievable has now been edited, whilst my second book, No Forgetting– A Smart Guide to Vocabulary Learning is entirely new, and provides you with the next steps for finding, memorizing and revising new vocabulary in any language.
Don't forget that we are currently running an AMAZING giveaway in the run-up to the launch, but in the meantime, want to give you an exclusive preview about what the books offer.
Fluency Made Achievable is broken down into sections that help you develop basic learning skills and address each of your strengths and weaknesses accordingly. The system is built around the four core language skills. You are given targeted exercises, and the subsequent chapters, entitled Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing and Expert Interviews, guide you through those learning methods and help you develop each skill so that they complement each other and become effortless.
No Forgetting takes you on the next stage of your journey, helping you to understand a little bit more about the ways in which people engage with vocabulary, and suggesting learning methods for extending and maintaining your vocabulary and grammar in your chosen language so that it becomes a natural process.

My belief in all things language learning is this:

Fluency is a commitment, a feeling of ongoing self-improvement, and the most rewarding thing you can feel. I am fluent in English and French, and never go without that sense of pride and achievement when I speak them. I am not fluent in Spanish and "LOLZ" in Russian, and still get a glowing enjoyment when I practice them.

If you follow language hacks and shortcuts, and chase 1000 words every day, you will burn yourself out and lose the joy of language learning. The journey is what matters, and you will choose the methods that work best for you.

I am so proud to be sharing both of these books with you, and cannot wait to hear your feedback. There is very exclusive pre-sale taking place from 27 July, open only to those who are on my Fluent Language newsletter. Why not come and join us to get the best offers straight to your inbox?

Are you committed to becoming fluent - or do you have a different goal in language learning? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

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