New Podcast: HipHop, Rap and Repetition with Fluency MC

You may well remember Fluency MC Jason Levine from an interview I conducted with him a few months ago, in which Jase shared his techniques around collocations, repeating things and the inspiring philosophy of just relaxing, enjoying music and improving through that.

Taking the pressure off is one of the core things language learners must learn.

Last week I was very happy to welcome him back for an interview on the podcast! You can enjoy a freestyle rap performance as well as a sample of his music. Get inspired by Jase and his positive attitude. It would be hard not to!

We spoke about..

  • What the science of collos is all about and how they can help you learn a language more easily

  • What learning your times tables in Maths has to do with success in language learning

  • Why many adult learners are WRONG about their own progress and repetition

  • How Fluency MC aims to make studying fun rather than making HipHop really simple

  • Parappa the Rapper, cult PS2 game

Plus, there's a freestyle rendition of his storytelling song "Get a Life", which featured as a lyrical contribution to our collaborative storybook Learn Natural English through Storytelling: 8 Stories for Intermediate and Advanced Learners.

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