New Podcast! The Memory Palace is a Happy Place, with Anthony Metivier

Yay, here's episode 14 of the Creative Language Learning Podcast. Thank you guys so much for all the support and attention that the podcast has got over recent months. I really appreciate you all listening and am looking forward to creating more episodes for you. If you want to do something to support this podcast and help me create more shows, please support me on Patreon. It's easy and cheap.

memory podcast

In episode 14, I spoke to a highly unique guy in the language learning world. Anthony Metivier (I've previously reviewed his Udemy course on learning and memorizing vocabulary) and even got to be a guest on his podcast. So Anthony is a regular here on Fluent, and this time I wanted to dig a little deeper into his memory palace world.

Check out the interview for

  • Thoughts on what it is that will stop you from giving up

  • Competition in language learning, and where exactly Freud comes in

  • The point when giving up might be the right decision

  • How a memory palace can be a source of happiness and comfort in your life

  • Fifty shades of German

Article of the Week

20 Struggles of Expats living in Germany

Tips of the Week

Anthony opted for tip number 2 as his favourite, but actually added such a great perspective to Tip 1 that it became unmissable.

1) Label things

2) Use Instagram (Lindsay does Languages has an article about this)

3) Get onto a MOOC

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