New Podcast! X-Men, Game of Thrones, At the Gym...and Tips To Beat Stagnation

On today's podcast I'll be talking to you solo and covering a lot of ground about recent observations in language learning.

 img ©HBO and Marvel

img ©HBO and Marvel

This podcast turned out quite lovely and I'm sure you'll find something in there to help you out, no matter if you're stuck or just a nerd hoping to celebrate Game of Thrones (I certainly am!).

Unhelpful Words For Language Learning

Language used to describe language learning does can almost be intimidating - "Whip yourself into shape", anyone? I'll be talking about a more personal way of finding your style, and sharingh a simple process for establishing the right style for you.

Language in Pop Culture: X-Men & Game of Thrones

What do Mystique and Danaerys Targaryen have in common? They're women who use other languages to take charge. What amazing role models!

Based on this idea, do you think the language you speak can influence your personality?

Do you take on a different personality when you speak in another language?

Psychological Barriers to Language Learning

Are you aware of any obstacles that may hinder your learning progress? If so, don’t worry: language learning doesn't have to be an abstract form of learning and it doesn't have to be restricted to your books. Let's talk about some new ways to

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