New Video: 23 Unmissable French Adjectives to make your first sentences easy

It's time for the 4th episode of French on a Windowsill!

  • French Adjectives and how they change in a sentence,
  • Words to describe your appearance,
  • Words to describe your relationship status,
  • Words to describe your nationality.

Of course I couldn't go for every nationality in the world, so the ones covered in this video are a start and cover all the nationalities that I know watch my tutorials.

Here we go:

Here is the vocab list for this lesson:

petit, -e (small, short)
grand, -e (big, tall)
ancien, -ne (old, ancient)
jeune (young)

anglais, -e (English)
britannique (British)
allemand, -e (German)
malaysien, -ne (Malaysian)
américain, -e (American)
étatsunien, -ne (US American)

célibataire (single)
marié, -e (married)
divorcé, -e (divorced)
fiancé, -e (engaged)

J'ai des cheveux blondes. (I have blonde hair.)
J'ai des cheveux marrons. (I have brown hair.)
J'ai des cheveux clairs. (I have light hair.)
J'ai des cheveux foncés. (I have dark hair.)
j'ai des cheveux roux. (I have red hair.)

J'ai les yeux bleus. (I have blue eyes.)
J'ai les yeux verts. (I have green eyes.)
J'ai les yeux gris. (I have grey eyes.)
J'ai les yeux marrons. (I have brown eyes.)