Meet our Writers

Back in 2012, I sat in my little kitchen and decided to post a few articles about language learning on my blog. I had had enough of the people telling me they are too old to learn a language, or that it is impossible to become fluent in a new language if you don't live in the target country. And I wanted to share my love and experience of learning English, French, Spanish, Italian and Latin. That was that. Fluent, the Language Learning Blog.

Ricky, Marta, Angel and Sally Join Me In Writing Here At Fluent

Ladies and gentlemen, I am excited to tell you that we're entering a new age of the blog. A whole team of new writers has joined Fluent and will contribute articles about language learning. They are writing from all around the globe and will share opinions, reviews and tips from their own experiences.

You can get to know the whole team on my new Author page.

Why not say hello to the new writers on here or on Twitter?