Newsflash: Published author Kerstin's work is free on Amazon for 3 days

A few months ago, I received an invitation from André, a fellow independent language teacher who writes lots of cool books for German, English and Hebrew learners. André's experience in self-publishing is very impressive and his new idea was to write a collaborative book, so he invited lots of colleague teachers along for the journey.

Why Fiction?

The idea is this: If you are learning a new language and you only ever focus on your vocabulary and grammar, you are likely to get pretty bored. Instead, try and get yourself immersed in a few stories. You'll quickly get distracted from any language deficiencies and become a better learner as you follow the plot. Only trouble is - the stories have to be good!

André is a remarkable project manager and did a great job rallying online teachers from all over the world. What we are offering you as a result is a collection of 8 stories covering a range of different dialects and topics. Some might not be your cup of tea, others might keep you turning pages. In any case, all of the stories are supported by a little glossary and some questions for readers.

Grab it for free before 2nd August

Starting today, the book is available for free on Amazon as a digital download for your smartphones, e-readers, tablets and desktop computers. There is also a paperback version, for those of you who love scribbling all over their books.

 Click here or on the country code of your local Amazon: 

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I would love it if you downloaded it and gave us some feedback on the variety, and of course I wonder what you think of my own contribution entitled "How the shiny fall". Here's the image I drew, to set the mood.  Not exactly Picasso..

how the shiny fall.jpg