There's Nothing You Cannot Learn

Hello everyone, much love from the other side of the world where I am experiencing a bit of Californian sunshine. Yesterday I got to visit the absolutely stunning Montaña de Oro State Park - do not miss this if you are ever here. I texted everyone I know saying that this is the most beautiful place on earth. Just look! I can't even tell you...ich bin verliebt!

 Montaña de Oro, near Morro Bay in California

Montaña de Oro, near Morro Bay in California

You Can Do It!

But there is something else I want to share with you. It's something that one of my longest standing, most impressive students said last week in a lesson. I've not been able to hide how happy it made me to hear this from one of my students.

All he says is this:

For some reason I've got it in my head that there is nothing I can't learn.

That's the attitude I love. There is nothing you cannot learn. We are all beginners at something, and if you are reading this right now while wondering if you'll ever be really fluent in German, or French, or whatever, then take heart.

There is nothing you cannot learn. You can do things now, and some things are not possible. But learning, that's different. Learning is open to you and you must only take heart and discipline. Fluent Language is here to help you on the journey - no matter how you do your thing, just learn something.

I would love to read your comments! What did you learn today?

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