Revealing my new project: How my guide is going to boost your language skills

Hello everyone, I hope you're enjoying a really nice Tuesday morning whenever you read this. Today's update is a quick one to make you aware that I'm taking a little break from blogging to work on a project called the Fluent Toolkit - bringing you straightforward guides to really push language learners to solving their biggest issues.

Things are starting with the Ultimate Guide to Language Skills, which is going to be launched soon. I am so excited! The guide will be available right here, on the Fluent Language website. No matter if it's vocabulary, pronunciation, comprehension or speaking, this quick guide will have it covered with a creative ways to go about your learning. In this book, I have put together the best learning techniques I could find so that you can make a difference to your learning approach straight away.

Why create a guide? 

  • It's concise, and goes straight to the point where you can start making a difference to your learning

  • It will work for anyone, any age, studying any language

  • It builds true fluency by training all core skills

  • It's comprehensive, but has no BS!

  • It's tried and tested - most of the advice included comes from my own and my students' successful learning experiences

Join me from anywhere

When this fantastic guide is ready, I think it's going to be time for a party! 

At the launch I'll be holding a live coaching session online, demonstrating the best exercises so you can really get involved and reviewing your language learning techniques and focus.

How you can get involved today!

Simply leave a comment here on the blog or send an email describing your top 3 exercises that you repeat on a regular basis, to have your own learning styles reviewed.

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