Speak More Language After the Weekend: Bank Holiday Deal

 Activity suggestion for a Bank Holiday with Fluent Guides

Activity suggestion for a Bank Holiday with Fluent Guides

Another week has finished, and we are approaching the end of summer. Here in Britain, this means the dawn of a Bank Holiday. Bank Holidays are Mondays that you can spend in bed, or out exploring, or cooped up in the hobby shed.

If you're not British, you could of course try staying in bed all Sunday too!

Imagine studying languages in bed all day. Imagine using the time effectively to get started with a new notebook. Cuddling up on the couch with a new book...

Well. That can be done. From today to Monday, I'm holding a big sale on the Fluent Guides combo pack. If you missed out on Pre-Sale pricing the first time round, here's a chance to get the full package for only £20. Read on your Kindle, laptop, smartphone...listen to the lovely audiobook on a walk...you can do this your way. 

Yes, that's just 3 days. On Tuesday, we're going back to standard pricing so grab the sale rate before it goes.

As for me, I'm probably going to spend the bank holiday putting in the hours for my wedding and doing my Russian homework. Ooof!