Speak to the Future

Well, we've all seen the numbers recently - stats showing declines in the amount of pupils registering for GCSE or A-Level in foreign languages. Even today, two weeks after the A Level results, my local Top 10 university has places left in clearing for degrees in all the languages it offers. Languages aren't cool, they aren't considered an easy option, people don't get excited about the possibilities...*sighs as grey clouds pull up in the sky*

For that reason it's just about time for a campaign like Speak to the Future! This is a big initiative aiming to raise the profile of language learning in the UK and show people how awesome languages are.

You might think that I am passionate about languages because I try to be commercial, but really there couldn't even be a day when I don't appreciate how languages are awesome and language learning changed my life. They're the coolest kind of escapism and the smartest way to learn what makes society tick.

My life would not be the same without languages. I live in a foreign country and speak a foreign language every day. I wouldn't have had the same jobs without my languages - export sales, translating, international recruitment, tutoring. I wouldn't have the same friends. I wouldn't have friends all over the world. 

As the world gets smaller, there’s never been a better opportunity to get into languages.

I’ve really enjoyed learning Spanish and Japanese. Getting to grips with a new language can be great fun, and you learn so much about other people and what makes them tick.
— Gary Lineker

Support Speak to the Future

Speak to the Future is important because everyone should open their eyes to the world we live in. Look beyond what we have, look beyond "where is the youth hostel" at GCSE and imagine the possibilities. Language belongs into the curriculum and it belongs into adult education TODAY.

The campaign encourages you to get involved by making your own personal pledge. You could tweet about it, take the Staycation Challenge or watch a foreign film. What you should definitely do is head to the Asset Languages petition and stop Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations from doing something very stupid.

Do it now. Then comment on this post to say you've done it. I really want to know!