The Mickey Mangan Video

Hello and welcome to the second part of Mickey Mangan week! I hope you're still interested...of course you are! Today I'm very happy to post you a video version of our interview from Monday, meaning you will get to hear him describe his experiences and thoughts on language learning in his own words.

And Action!

Some of the questions I asked him were

  • Did you love languages in high school?
  • How did you start learning German?
  • How can a learner know they're getting better?
  • Are teachers a thing of the past?

As you can see, this is a handsome and clever man (and you didn't even see him play his guitar - that's a bonus video for subscribers!). You can make contact with Mickey on Twitter or his own blog.


I would love to hear what you thought of the Lernen to Talk show. It's not a rare thing for a tutor to feel the students' frustration when they feel like talking is hard for them. For me, seeing this show is a great and refreshing thing - it's informal and fun and so far from scary.

Could you see yourself doing the same?

sorry about the "call recorder demo" strapline by the way - call recorder has now been thoroughly examined, it works well and you can try it too