The world's 5 most influential languages

Are you studying one of the world's most influential languages?

The following quote from this video seemed particularly noteworthy:

> Every language is the most important language in the world - to its speakers. (George Weber)

Read on to find out which languages are named the most influential:

3 criteria of influential languages

The video lists the following criteria as the most influential:

  • Demographics

How many people speak this language? Where do they all live?

  • Ease of Learning

How long can it take to acquire this language?

  • Economic Impact

How rich are the countries where this language is spoken? Can it help you get a job?

According to the way these three criteria, the most influential languages in the world are English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. Bang. Are you learning one of those? Do you speak one?

Is this all true?

I don't want to subscribe to any ranking that will list languages according to how "easy" or "hard" they are to learn. There are many ways of looking at this, and I believe all of them can be trumped by mindset. After all, even minority languages like Swedish or Guarani still have enough speakers to make it hard for you to talk to every one of them.

Furthermore, the quote at the top will make it clear to us that all languages are worthwhile to learn, and that this can be considered more independent from demographics than expected.

Which leaves economic impact, and I consider this the single most influential factor of all language learning motivations. People learn languages to make money, right? It is proven to make you a more attractive job candidate and an obvious bonus for international business leaders. When we disregard the other main criteria, the most influential languages actually are German and Chinese.

Of course a list like this is ruled by numbers, and numbers could never contain all the rewards you gain from learning a language. So why do you learn? Is it for money? Because it's easy? Because you want to talk to as many people as possible?