Top 25: Thank you so much (Plus: 3 great blogs to follow)

Hello there, this is a post that I am very very happy to write, as I get to say a really massive THANK YOU to everyone who voted for Fluent Language Tuition in the Top Language Lovers Competition.

Top 25 in both categories! 

The results are in, and I'm over the moon to report: 

Out of 1024 nominated blogs and 40,000 votes, Fluent hit the big 25 in both of the categories it was nominated in. Yes, I did campaign, of course I did! But at the same time, I think I could have never managed to get this amazing recognition if you guys didn't like what I write about and weren't kind enough to support me. 

Language Professional Blog #24

No. 25 Professional Blog 2013

The blog made 24th place in the Language Professional Blog category. I have been writing here for less than 1 year, and this big encouragement from my readers is a big chocolate pudding...with custard! I am proudly in a league with these following great blogs.

  • Fritinancy
    Nancy writes about silly and curious word creations she finds in films, adverts and media. Like, SO interesting!
  • Back of the Cereal Box
    I wasn't sure about including this blog as it's not exclusively about laguage, but anyone who makes the point that Zooey Deschanel might be evil so eloquently is worth reading in my book. 
  • Grammar Girl
    I think my fiancé fancies her. Enough said. Quick and dirty tips for getting the English language right. 

Language Twitterer #22

No. 25 Twitterer 2013

I love Twitter! The hashtags, the retweets, the way it forces you to sum messages up and be brief. Twitter is a great service for connecting with the world, you can quickly follow or unfollow whoever you want (and you SO want to follow me), and it suits my short attention span.

    Don't forget to check out the language learning blog and facebook categories too!