The 10 Top Language Jobs out there: Get CREATIVE

Language skills open up a whole world of opportunities. While careers in interpretation and translation might immediately spring to mind, you can apply language skills in an enormous range of careers because communication is an employer’s number one requirement.
— Leading Careers Website

I have participated in careers days for Modern Languages students. We had this group of second year students of German, French, Italian and Spanish, and when asked what careers they imagined going into the most common answers were "language teacher" and "translator". Those are maybe great careers for some, but for 40% of us?

Here are just ten sectors that will love you if you're multilingual:
    1.    Video Games for Localisation and Testing
    2.    Publishing for International Rights Management, Proofreading and Translation
    3.    Travel and Tourism for Marketing, Events and Training
    4.    Property for scouting in international markets
    5.    Oil and Gas for business relations, building projects and management
    6.    Legal Services for dealing with witnesses, translating and collating evidence
    7.    Export and Import for everything from administration to legal matters
    8.    Retail for business development, management and projects
    9.    Education for student recruitment, curriculum development and welfare
    10.    Manufacturing for international projects, quality assurance and setting up plants in new locations

If there were some in there that you hadn't considered yet, that's a point made. Languages aren't always a vocation, but they're always always a kick-ass skill.

Look at the website for their ideas on a whole range of sectors that love languages, or even better download this fab booklet from Manchester University's Careers Service. It includes a reference to research which has shown that a language can get you up to 20% more money!

AWESOME Infographic from TopLanguageJobs