Travelling The World: How Ricky Made It From New Zealand To Colombia

Hey everybody, Ricky here, ready to share of my own story with you. I hope you'll find this inspiring - it's never too late to start living!

You may remember from my first post, I was telling you some of my history - how I'm from New Zealand and I live in Colombia. Now I want to tell you about how I came here to this beautiful land of Colombia.

ricky -Colombian collage 1.jpg

My story goes back about 10 years, when I turned ‘naughty Forty’. It was a time of reflection...where am I, what am I doing, where do I see myself in 10 or 20 years. Then, a few years later I found myself divorced, no kids, successful in my own business, but hungry for something else, and with very itchy feet.

How A Comic Book Sent Me to Colombia

You may have heard of, or read Tintin, the adventurous boy who travels the world with his friends and his dog helping people and being a hero. Well Tintin travelled to South America a lot, and I loved his books. The stories of his adventures with the Incas and the Aztecs really captured my imagination. So when I was thinking about what to do, my mind came to South America, the magic land of the Incas, The Aztecs, El Dorado, The Amazon...I had to come.

So I took a 6 month holiday, and booked a ticket for Colombia. I chose Colombia because it's tropical, which I love, it's central to the places I wanted to see, and because my on-line investigations had told me that it was a wonderful place (don't believe everything you read in the newspapers/see on T.V./Watch at the movies).

A Tiny Tour of South America

My first taste of South America was Santiago, Chile. I stopped over there for a few days, just to check out the city. It was nice, a little colourless, polluted and cold, but I learnt about Pablo Neruda (a Poet/Diplomat/Politician), and visited one of his houses, which was amazing.

Next I went to Lima, Peru where I spent a few more days. Lima is also a nice place, very big, lots of people, but beside the Pacific Ocean, which is beautiful. I visited some of the poorest neighbourhoods in Lima, and started to see the other side of South America - no watches, necklaces, bracelets, cameras when you go there!

Then finally I landed in Bogota, Colombia - I thought I was back in Europe, and it was peaceful (for a city of 8+ Million people), well that was my first impression anyway. It has a mild climate not too dissimilar to my home city of Wellington. I recognised many of the trees and plants too. Bogota sits at an altitude of 1500m, so the air’s a little thin, and takes a few days to get used to. That was my first experience of this kind of altitude. So here I am in Bogota, Colombia and....oops! sorry guys, I’m out of time, I’ve got to run. Don’t worry though, I’ll tell you more in my next blog post.

OK - take it easy until then, and always HAVE FUN.