8 really good reasons to vote Fluent

I don't know if you have noticed the badges you can currently find on the homepage and the right side of my blog, but just in case you'd like to know more...I'm nominated in the Lexiophiles Top Language Blogs competition, “Language Professional” division.

This isn't just some nomination, the top language blogs competition is the BEST list of language learning blogs I have seen on the whole internet! I am so happy and proud that the Fluent blog is included for the first time ever, but now I need you to do just one thing.

Vote for Fluent in the Language Professional category

 Here's where to click - every vote counts!

Here's where to click - every vote counts!

The competition is yours, dear audience.

So if you vote for me, I promise you: MORE video content, BETTER technique posts, MORE amazing guest posts and replies to every comment, ever!

Support this professional! Click the badge to cast your vote for Fluent!

And if you've got goodness left in you, make it two votes. I’ve also been nominated for Top Language Twitter Account:

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Why should you vote for Fluent?

Fluent Language Tuition is still a baby - as a tutoring business, it's not even a year old yet. I am nowhere near as well known as many other language learning websites out there, but I believe that this blog is an alternative.

Vote for me if:

  • you believe that language learning is for anyone - not for an elite, not for young people only, not for those in full time education only
  • you love this source of regular information, inspiration and independent thought about language learning
  • you feel, like me, that language learning should be a holistic project and broaden your horizons, engage the mind and fulfil you a little bit
  • you love learning, speaking and listening to foreign languages!

Here are those links again:

Vote for FLUENT in the Language Professionals category and @fluentlanguage in the Language Twitterers category.

Please make sure you vote soon: the contest ends at midnight June 9, CET.