Vlog: My Progress in Russian and My Book In Print

Hello everybody, Kerstin here -

there's been so much going on in my life and online that I actually have some stuff to show you! See what I've been up to in this short video blog, featuring:

  • A bit of Russian that I know, complete with the transcripts in Cyrillic
  • How I like to learn languages
  • The first EVER copy of Fluency Made Achievable in print

Can I just point out that

a) Russian in 10 Minutes a Day is not a grammar book - it's mostly useful for getting a foundation, and great for practising Cyrillic writing. For that it's been great though and after attending the first Russian class I noticed how much it'd actually done for me. My teacher's impressed!

b) The Russian I spoke in the video is not all the Russian I know, but my vocabulary is a lot better than my grammar at the moment. As a result, making sentences doesn't quite come as easily yet, but rest assured I can say all the usual pleasantries.