What Language Teachers Think About Learning 15 Languages

If you're on my mailing list you'll have heard from me a week ago ago to announce my appearance on Preston FM Radio. Since a few of you were unable to catch my interview and were asking for a podcast link, I'm very happy to say that the station manager has now uploaded our Chat City chat and you can listen here:

In the interview, we mentioned "UCLAN", which is the university I went to - University of Central Lancashire in Preston.

The host was actually a former language teacher himself, so we had a very interesting conversation. We discussed the question of whether it might be possible to actually become fluent in 15 languages, and what fluency means.

And just in case you didn't know what my family is up to in Germany, now you'll hear all about it (check them out here).

What did you make of the interview? Would you move to a place like Preston to experience a slice of "real England", or do you prefer the glamour of London?