Who else wants to be fluent in Dothraki?

Today I want to draw your attention to a post from the Fluent blog archives, which I have updated for 2013 with added love for television's beautiful polyglot Danaerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.

 Aiming high (img  ©imdb)

Aiming high (img  ©imdb)

Yes, she's fictional, but doesn't she just make you want to practice charming wild foreigners? 

Read more in Musings on Polyglot Role Models , and you can learn more about how these fictional languages were created on the Guardian website.

Find your Polyglot Star

Having someone to look up to is so essential for language learning, and I want to know who it is that makes YOU want to learn a new language. For me, it's Danaerys all the way for now. Once you find that inspiration, stick with it and make yourself remember that you can be fluent like them.

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