Your survey results are here!

Good morning, readers, today's post is about you. Remember my  survey a few weeks back? To everyone who participated, let me say thank you very much. Your opinion means a lot to me. Congratulations also to Diyandra who wins a free copy of the Ultimate Guide to Language Skills

Here's who you are:

 img © ardonik  on flickr

img ©ardonik on flickr

Well, you're largely a group of native English speakers with a few other native languages like French and Indonesian thrown in. As expected for readers of a blog written by a German who teaches German, we are blessed with 1/3 of you being German learners! But there were other favourites in the top 5:

  • French - 26% of you
  • Japanese and Spanish each taking 14%
  • and another sizeable 11% of you studying Italian. Va bene!

Why learn languages?

Surprisingly only 48% said that you want to learn for travel, but way more than half of you left a comment and let me know that you learn for the pleasure of learning. Languages are fun, that's something we all agree on.

Some select responses:

I think my target language is really pretty
Pure Intellectual Pleasure
I learn for personal satisfaction.

Now, about the blog!

You guys love tips, tricks and techniques and you can't get enough of them, and I'll be happy to oblige and focus on sharing even more ways to become a more successful language learner in the future.

I'm also really happy to see that the interviews with Jason and Mickey were popular, obviously to me these guys are inspiring and have approached language learning in a new and interesting way. This can inspire you to consider new ways of learning. I do have another person on my radar already - he's a youtube regular with his fun German learning videos.

Finally, thank you to the 43% of participants who like my opinions. I do, too. You won't miss out.

In conclusion, here's what we'll go for with the blog in the future:

  • More practical posts about German vocab and grammar
  • More tips and tricks for learners of any language
  • More independent reviews of useful language learning tools 

Now it's your turn

Did you miss taking the survey? I am always really open to feedback and questions about how to take the blog to the next level, so please leave a comment if you want to see an article about something in particular. The blog offers a wealth of free resources for you so don't forget - help yourselves!