You're Invited: Language Book Club on 30 January 2015

Today I get to share with you what I have been hinting at for a few months now (you may have noticed on my Twitter account. You are invited to a one-day language book party!

Chris Broholm and I are organising the first ever online Language Book Club. The event is going to be a one-day celebration of languages and language learning, with experts and authors from around the globe being there for you to answer questions.

And that's not enough. It's a book club after all, and so each and every one of those authors is going to be discounting their books for you. I hope you'll join us. Just to give you an idea, I'll be featuring a very special deal on The Vocab Cookbook all day long.

Language Book Day

Throughout the day, we'll be featuring a schedule of experts who will pop in to answer questions, host discussions, give away prizes and run little competitions. I'll be posting the schedule here on the blog, and also over on the event page. Yes, it is a Facebook event and you will need a Facebook account, but if you don't want to join the mighty FB you can also join us on Twitter using #langbookclub.

Learn a new language, soak up a wealth of expert knowledge on language learning and grab a big bunch of books for huge discounts.

To join, click yes on the event page, because we will be sharing information every day in the run-up to 30 January 2015.

Please share this event with all your language learner friends, because we want to make it available to as many people as possible.

Some of the Books Included on the Day:

All of the following links go to Amazon, but there will be even more promotions on the day on our experts' own websites. Why not bookmark your favourites today so you can get them first thing on 30 January?

I'd love to hear whether you're excited about joining the event, and what kinds of questions you want to ask. No matter if they're about publishing a book, learning a language or mastering a tricky vocab point: We're here for you!