What's "Eye Candy" in Spanish? 32 Authentic Slang Expressions from Mexico

¡Oye! Spanish learner!

If you want to sound cool and know more about where the most typical slang expressions in your target language come from, today's article is going to give you a language boost that you can take straight to Mexico. Check out these 32 slang expressions, beautifully explained by guest poster Raúl Jiménez.

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In Language Learning, Are Apps All Amazing? Are All Apps Amazing?

In this episode, we caught up, talked about a new directive on language use in a very special setting: Childbirth!

We also discussed language learning apps and how to make the most out of them, so if you're enjoying Duolingo but you're STILL not fluent, this is the episode for you.


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"It's Hard Work But It's So Worth It": Everything You Need To Know For Raising Bilingual Children

Have you ever wondered how bilingual parents do it and what the life of a bilingual family looks like? Are you excited about passing on language skills to your kids, but not sure how?

In this episode of the Fluent Show, you'll get an incredible amount of support. 

Marianna du Bosq, bilingual mother in a bilingual family and host of the Bilingual Avenue podcast, talks about how to raise bilingual children. And she knows her stuff.

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How to Learn Several Languages At The Same Time

It's the dream of many language learners...to study more than one language at the same time and start speaking in more languages within just a year, or maybe even in months. But is this realistic? And what about rules like "don't study languages from the same family"?

In this episode of the podcast, Lindsay and I looked deep into the topic and shared our own experience and best tips. Some of those rules out there didn't hold up!

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Podcast News: The Creative Language Learning Podcast is now The Fluent Show

The Creative Language Learning Podcast has been bringing you language learning tips, chat, and interviews for over four years now. It started out as an experiment from a language blogger - a way of having you hear the voices of people who do really awesome things.

Here's a quick clip letting you know what's happening:


As of today, I am so excited to announce that this podcast is now The Fluent Show, and we are going WEEKLY. Every week from today, I'll be bringing you an interview or a short episode full of actionable, practical language learning advice.

The Fluent Show is here to encourage and support you in your language learning journey.

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Accelerate Your Speaking Skills with Speechling: In-Depth 100% Honest Review

Speechling claims to have cracked that problem. The app offers natural sentences, attractive design, and the most convenient access to a 24/7 language tutor that I have ever seen. No scheduling, no exchange of Skype names.

Sounds good, but does it work? In this review, let's take a deep dive and find out.

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