Linguistic Gift Ideas 2013

Hello blog readers, this Friday we are entering the final few weeks before Christmas! Yes, Hanukkah is over and so are the modern inventions Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and I helpfully dozed all the way through them. Well, here I am, better late than never, in bringing you this year's Linguistic Gift Ideas.

The Gift Ideas Board

On my updated Pinterest board, I have lots of good stuff from cute French t-shirts to funny language guides and travel books. Please have a good peruse and root around the board, and let me know what you're giving for Christmas this year!

Awesome FlashSticks landed in the Shop

Sticky word notes, they're my number one. In all honesty, these are a learning tool that always works.

If you want to give some as a gift or it's too much effort to make your own, someone has now invented FlashSticks: pre-printed Post-It notes in four languages and designed for your chosen learning level. I am genuinely excited to be offering packs of FlashSticks through the online shop on my website! They are pre-printed, colour-coded and really fun. SO recommended.

Order by 19 December for Christmas delivery in the UK, and by 14 December for delivery within Europe (all posting dates are on the Royal Mail site).

And just in case you're buying something on Amazon for Christmas this year, please consider going through this link here for US/this one for UK and supporting my blog. It doesn't cost you anything extra, and I get a little commission from them. These links land on my book Fluency Made Achievable, but will work no matter where on Amazon you go from there. Thanks guys!